Heroes of Oz Ultimate Avatar: Cowardly Nighthound

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Published on Friday, 06 September 2013 11:35
  He will do anything for some Courage! Help him find the Good Witch Pearl!
And then...the rest of his Oz companions and watch him after he's got his Courage back! 
 Night Hound Ultimate Alt Avatar: Cowardly Night Hound:
Collect all FIVE of the Oz series Avatars and be in for a surprise!
* Put 'em up, put 'em up! The Ultimate Night Hound may start out cowardly, but as you add items his courage grows large enough to fill the lanes!
* Elder Parasite / Symbol of Rage / Abyssal Skull: Face mask and hair upgrade
* Firebrand: Flaming weapons
* Nullfire Blade / Brutalizer / Thunderclaw / Charged Hammer: Weapon upgrades
* Boots: Leg armor upgrade
* Energizer / Soulscream Ring / Iron Shield: Body armor upgrade
* Minor Totem / Lex Talionis: Badge of courage
PS: Check out his sound effects after having the full collection!