Revenge of the Neutrals Series: Sylvia

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Published on Friday, 04 October 2013 10:25

Daughter of Circe the Deceiver, mother of Ophelia, and bane of Maliken Grimm, the mystical shapeshifter Sylvia has emerged from the darkest forests of Caldavar to stand with her Beasts and her cherished bloodline against the Hellbourne. 
Added new Ophelia Ultimate Alt Avatar: Sylvia
* Upgrade her model throughout the game with the following items:
* Weapon Horns: Codex / Stormspirit / Sol's Bulwark / Daemonic Breastplate
* Head Horns: Puzzlebox / Tablet of Command / Abyssal Skull
* Wings: Staff of the Master / Kuldra's Sheepstick / Barrier Idol / Shaman's Headdress
* Stripes: Power Supply / Energizer
* Legs: Boots / Upgraded Boots
* Arms/Tail: Astrolabe / Ring of Sorcery / Nome's Wisdom / Sacrificial Stone

* You can also modify her effects by owning the following avatars:
* Snot Keeper (Gravekeeper) 
* Earthroc Pebbles 
* Ogre Blacksmith 

* Owning these three avatars will give Sylvia these effects:
* Glowing tips on her horns (after she gets her horns)
* Blood dripping from her claws (after she gets her claws)
* A chiprel who follows her around

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