HoN Codex: The Ascension

Codex is your ticket to Heroes of Neweth's biggest eSports event of the year! Codex unlocks new in-game features such as:

  • eSports Betting - For the first time ever, place Silver Coin wagers on your favorite eSports teams! Select a bet goal, choose from one of three bet amounts, and sit back and let your Silver Coins work for you!

  • Event-Exclusive Content – HoN Codex: The Ascension will feature 12 new Avatars for some of your favorite heroes such as Pharaoh, Dr. Repulsor, and Fayde, as well as many new Announcers, Wards, and Taunts!

  • A personalized HoN Tour World Final experience – watch LIVE matches, catch up on the latest eSports news, and more all from the comfort of your Heroes of Newerth client!


A level 1 and 24 version of the Codex can be purchased for 500 or 2,400 Gold Coins, respectively.


Level 1 Codex

  • Core Chest

  • Arcadia Chest

  • Ascension Chest

  • Ascension Chat Symbol


Level 24 Codex

  • Core Chest (3)

  • Arcadia Chest (3)

  • Ascension Chest (3)

  • Ascension Chat Symbol

  • Beam Me Up Taunt

  • HoN Tour 2016 Merrick Icon

  • Mastery Boost (x15)

  • Ultimate Knightslayer

  • Hyperdrive Courier

  • Lookout Ward

  • 100% Glimmer Drop Rate

Leveling Your Codex

Once you acquire the Codex, you can level up to earn exclusive World Finals rewards using four different methods:

  • Purchase

  • Quests

  • Chests

  • Exchange

Purchase Codex Level Points

Points can be purchased for Gold Coins in the Ascension Shop.
Three Codex packages will immediately be available:

  • +500 Level Points for
  • +1,100 Level Points for
  • +2400 Level Points for

Complete Quests

The second way to accumulate Codex Level Points is by completing quests. A total of 25 quests spanning several different categories will be available for completion:


View Full List of Quests

Type Name Description Points
Prediction SEA Wild Card Winner Prediction - 100
Prediction NA/EU Wild Card Winner Prediction - 100
Prediction Final Four Prediction each correct prediction reward 100 Codex level points 4 * 100
Prediction Tournament Champion Prediction - 100
Social All Together Win 5 matchmaking games with 4 friends who own the Codex. 100
Social Hand in Hand Daily quest: Play with friend(s) who own the Codex and win a matchmaking game. 15 * 60
Social Fighting Squad Have 3 friends in your Friends list who own the Codex. 100
Social Ascension Power! Use Ascension Avatars to win 5 matchmaking games. 100
Match New Spectator Watch one live match. 25
Match Pro Spectator Watch ten live matches. 100
Match Betting Newbie Do match betting 3 times. 30
Match Betting Veteran Do match betting 5 times. 60
Match Betting Master Do match betting 10 times. 150
Match Winner! Win match betting 5 times. 100
Match Pro Supporter Subscribe to 3 teams. 25
Treasure Treasure Lover Open each type of treasure box. 25
Treasure Treasure Master Open 8 treasure boxes. 150
Treasure Newbie Collector Get an Ascension reward from a treasure box. 50
Treasure Pro Collector Get all Ascension rewards from the 200-Glimmer treasure box. 100
Treasure Veteran Collector Get all Ascension rewards from the 500-Glimmer treasure box. 200
Treasure Master Collector Get all Ascension rewards from the 1000-Glimmer treasure box. 300
Treasure Ultimate Collector! Get all Ascension rewards from all treasure boxes. 500
Tracker Sack of Glimmers! Gain a total of 1000 Glimmers. 50
Tracker Pile of Glimmers! Gain a total of 2000 Glimmers. 100
Tracker Hoard of Glimmers! Gain a total of 5000 Glimmers. 150
Tracker Exchange Master Complete 3 avatar exchanges. 150

Avatar Disassemble

The third way to earn Codex Level Points is by trading in any unwanted Avatars in the Ascension shop. This can be done once per week and the amount of experience points received will be determined by the Avatar's value.

Treasure Chests

The final way to obtain Codex Level Points is via Treasure Chests. Players will have the opportunity to pull anywhere from 20 to 100 Codex Level Points from three different chest tiers.

  • 200

    Core Chest

  • 500

    Arcadia Chest

  • 1000

    Ascension Chest


HoN Codex: The Ascension is jam-packed with fresh ways to earn exclusive new rewards. There are individual opportunities, such as leveling the Codex and opening Treasure Chests, as well as community-based efforts that reward each player who owns the Codex after certain benchmarks are achieved.

The Epicenter

The Epicenter is a temporary landmark building that will appear in Forests of Caldavar for players who own a Codex. Epicenters will evolve as players continue to level their Codex.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Individual Rewards

Every 100 Codex Level Points earned results in one Codex level gained. Each level gained brings you closer to a piece of Ascension-Exclusive loot; in some instances, several! After level 100 is achieved, rewards will be given out every ten levels.

Players who earn 200 Codex levels will instantly receive a Complete Codex Bundle!

Key Rewards

  • Ascension
    Chat Symbol

    Level 1
  • Beam Me Up

    Level 5
  • HoN Tour
    2016 Merrick Icon

    Level 7
  • Hyperdrive

    Level 10
  • Ultimate Knightslayer
    Draconis Avatar

    Level 16
  • Ascension Creep

    Level 25
  • Gold Edition
    Invader Pestilence

    Level 30
  • Ultimate Rulian
    Warlord Flint

    Level 45
  • Ascension Creep
    Melee & Ranged

    Level 50
  • Ascension Creep
    Melee, Ranged, & Siege

    Level 75
  • Gizmo

    Level 80
  • Ascension

    Level 100

Full Reward List

Reward Levels
Ascension Chat Symbol, Core Chest (1), Arcadia Chest (1), and Ascension Chest (1) 1
Core Chest 2
Arcadia Chest 3
Ascension Chest 4
Mastery Booster (x5), and +50% Bonus Glimmer, and Beam Me Up Taunt 5
Core Chest 6
HoN Tour 2016 Merrick 7
Arcadia Chest 8
Ascension Chest 9
Hyperdrive Courier and +75% Bonus Glimmer 10
Core Chest 12
Arcadia Chest 14
Ultimate Knightslayer 16
Ascension Chest 18
Lookout Ward and +100% Bonus Glimmer 20
Mastery Booster X 10 22
Ascension Creep 1 25
Core Chest 28
Gold Edition Invader Pestilence 30
Arcadia Chest 31
Ascension Chest and +125% Bonus Glimmer 35
Core Chest (1), Arcadia Chest (1), and Ascension Chest (1) 40
Rulian Warlord Flint 45
Ascension Creep 2 and +150% Bonus Glimmer 50
Core Chest 55
Arcadia Chest 60
Orbital Strike 65
Ascension Chest 70
Ascension Creep 3, Core Chest (1), Arcadia Chest (1), Ascension Chest and +200% Bonus Glimmer 75
Core Chest 80
Gizmo Courier 85
Arcadia Chest 90
Ascension Chest 95
Ascension Parallax, Core Chest (1), Arcadia Chest (1), Ascension Chest (1), and +300% Bonus Glimmer 100
Core Chest 110
Arcadia Chest 120
Ascension Chest 130
Core Chest 140
Arcadia Chest 150
Ascension Chest 160
Core Chest 170
Arcadia Chest 180
Ascension Chest 190
Complete Codex Bundle - this bundle contains every piece of exclusive Ascension content! 200

Treasure Chest Rewards

Players who own a Codex will have the opportunity to open chests using Glimmers, an in-game currency designed specifically for The Ascension that drop after any matchmaking game. Players who own codex, will receive a bonus glimmer base on his Codex Level. The content received from
chests is selected at random.

Players will have three chest options to choose from:

  • 200

    Core Chest

    Ascension Boogie

    HoN Tour 2016 Epicenter Icon

    20 Codex Level Points

    Northman Werebear Wildsoul

    Keeper of the Harvest

    Lord of Locusts Accursed

    Madcat Madman

    Dino Courier

    Chicken Courier

    Wildsoul Ward

    Keeper of the Forest Ward

  • 500

    Arcadia Chest

    Ascension Armadon

    Sentry Ward

    50 Codex Points

    Phuket Valkyrie

    Cirque du Silhouette



    Honeybadger Courier

    Kongor Courier

    Torturer Ward

    Silhouette Ward

    Rainbow Taunt

  • 1000

    Ascension Chest

    Ascension Pharaoh

    Drone Courier

    Ascension Announcer

    HoN Tour 2016 Doctor Repulsor

    100 Codex Points


    Golden Poseidon

    Flint Widowmaker


    Panda Courier

    Penguin Courier

    Nomad Ward

    Tempest Ward

    Samuel Jackson Announcer

Global Rewards

In addition to Individual and Treasure rewards, players who own a Codex will have a chance to earn Global Rewards. Global Rewards, which will be unlocked at a later date, will require the community to come together and achieve event-specific goals. By accomplishing feats together. As goals are accomplished, rewards will will be unlocked for Codex owners.

Coming Soon!

Silver Betting

Launching with The Ascension is a new betting system that will allow players to wager Silver Coins on match outcomes, and a variety of different in-game conditions. Players do not have to own a Codex to participate in wagers.

Highlighted Sections can only be Achieved through purchasing the Codex.

Bet Goal Description Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Win Predict the Winning Team 100 silver 200 silver 500 silver
Bloodlust Kill Predict the Team Who Will Get a Bloodlust Kill 50 silver 100 silver 250 silver
1st to 10 Team Kills Predict the Team Who Will Get the 1st 10 Kills 50 silver 100 silver 250 silver
1st Tower Destroyed Predict the Team Who Will Destroy the 1st tower 50 silver 100 silver 250 silver

Spectate Mode

For the first time ever, HoN Codex: The Ascension, will bring players new in-game features that will change the way you watch and interact with Heroes of Newerth playoff games, and
World Finals matches.

These new features will rollout as we get closer to the Playoffs and HoN World Finals.