Unable to Patch to 3.7.7

Dear Heroes,

We are aware some of the players have issues on patching to the latest patch, we had fix the autopatch and players should be able to update their client to the latest patch. In the event that players still could not patch it, kindly :

Manual Patch: Click Here



3.7 Rework

Dear Heroes,

We are excited to announce that we will be having a lot of changes on our upcoming patch. We will update from time to time on the  changes that will take place in the upcoming patch. 


EA Bundle Issue - Resolved

Dear Players,

We have already credited back the Gold used to purchase the EA bundle to those who have been affected.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

HoN: Rise of Newerth Phase 1


The first ever Rise of Newerth event took place on yesterday (Sunday, 11th May 2014) at Netstudio Sri Petaling. We extend our gratitude to all the teams that participated in the event, and congratulate team Elsa on claiming the title of Champion in the Rise of Newerth tournament.

To register in the upcoming Rise of Newerth on 25th may 2014, click http://goo.gl/WrPYi1

Downtime Return! 150 Silver Coins for Affected Users

Downtime Return!
To make up for the downtime period where the Stats/Exp & Silver coins weren't recorded or given out, we're now giving out 150 silver coins for all affected users! Once again, we would like to thank you for understanding!
*Coins to be credited within 3 working days