1. I would like to change my IGN, how can I do it?

Players may change their IGN by purchasing the in-game item “Nickname Change” in our Store with Gold Coins/Silver Coins.

2. I would like to reset my statistics, how can I do it?

Players may reset their statistics by purchasing the in-game item “Stat Reset” in our Store with Gold Coins/Silver Coins. Players will be given 6 options to choose from: 
  • Public Game Statistics 
  • Public Skill Rating (PSR) 
  • Normal Mode Statistics
  • Normal Mode MMR
  • Casual Mode Statistics 
  • Casual Mode MMR 

3. Why am I not allowed to create games?

Any account which has yet to purchase any Gold Coins or reach Level. 5 will be a Basic Account.

4. How do I become Verified in-game?

Your account will only be changed to Verified when you have either 
  • Attained Level 5. in HoN, or 
  • Purchased any amount of Gold Coins.

5.How do I get a VIP/Legacy account? Can I still purchase it?

No. Legacy accounts are not available for purchase. They can only be earned from some major events/tournaments.

6. Who are the Game Masters and how do I identify them?

All Game Masters are labelled with Red Color IGN. For a better communication with the Game Masters of different regions, we have classified Game Masters into regions with the following Clan tags:
  • [GM] – Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines 
  • [GMTH] – Thailand
  • [GMID] – Indonesia 

Players that claims to be a Game Master, or impersonates as a Game Masters will be suspended permanently.

7. What can I report and how do I do so?

A list of ban-able offences can be found here
To submit a report against a player, click here

Game Masters will assess the reports and appropriate actions will be taken against these players.

If you believe you have been incorrectly suspended, please appeal your ban here.

8. Why am I unable to add my buddies as friends in the game?

This is due to the upper limit of friends you can add in the game, which is currently 100.