MSHC Grand Finals

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Published on Saturday, 15 February 2014 11:31


The Malaysia Singapore HoN Championship (MSHC) that took place earlier in 2013 is finally reaching its climax with a mind blowing cash prize of RM63, 000! The event takes place on 2/3/2014 at Orange Esports Stadium (click here for location). There are activities and FREE exclusive HoN merchandises as well as goodie bags for the early birds that can only be obtained in this event! Be sure to book a date with us this 2nd of March 2014 for MSHC Grand Finals and show your support to your favourite team that are competing. By attending this event, you'll stand a chance to collect these exclusive HoN Merchandises and more:



1. HoN USB
2. Horus (Zephyr Avatar)
3. Exclusive HoN MSHC T-Shirt
4. HoN Water Bottle (Will be given if visitors comes in pair)
5. HoN Eco Bag
6. Cthulhuphant Plushie
7. Logitech Products


Logitech Products

1. G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset worth RM299.00

2. G100S Gaming Keyboard & Mouse worth RM119.00

3. G400 Optical Gaming Mouse worth RM149.00


To know more on Logitech product : CLICK HERE


The road to finals was not a walk in the park as only the best two team of each qualifier are given the honour to compete in the finals. After all of the team participated in the 8 qualifiers we finally have our finalised. We proud to present to you:


Kuala Lumpur Qualifier

1.       AMQ

2.       NGE
Selangor Qualifier

1.       BRIX

2.       FORB
Perak Qualifier

1.       GUC

2.       NK
Johor Qualifier

1.       OWOS

2.       SBNW
Kuala Lumpur Qualifier 2

1.       AND

2.       KB
Selangor Qualifier 2

1.       TMWG

2.       XEL
Penang Qualifier

1.       DOC

2.       MSDG
Online Qualifier

1.       IMP

2.       NMHC



Match Format: Single Elimination (Best of 3) “(Final Round: Best of 5)
Team Size: 5 vs 5
Game Mode: Captain Mode
Game Options: Tournament Rules