Malaysia Singapore HoN League (MSHL)

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Published on Wednesday, 04 June 2014 16:04
Malaysia Singapore HoN League (MSHL)
HoN Tour 2014?
This year, there will be no unified league such as HonTour that spans throughout the entirety of South East Asia (SEA) and instead, each country will be hosting their own set of tournaments or league. Through these events, the top teams from each country will be chosen to compete against the top teams from other countries. The absolute best of these teams will ultimately be chosen to represent SEA in bigger events such as Dreamhack and GSL down the road. This is where the Malaysia Singapore HoN League (MSHL) comes into play, serving as the main point of entry for teams from Malaysia and Singapore to participate and represent not only our countries but the whole SEA.

The Revamped League
MSHL 2014 is a two-season event that is open to all players from Malaysia and Singapore, with matches every weekend. The league will consist of two divisions, Gold Division & Silver Division. Each division will consist of 8 teams and have the same format but with different prize pools. When teams are placed in a division, they will remain there for at least 2 months (until the end of the season) where they will then be promoted/demoted for the next season based on their ranking in the current season. Aside from that, each team is guaranteed to receive a monthly Division Bonus regardless of their ranking in the season.
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