[TMHNC]: Selangor Offline Qualifier Champion: NK

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Published on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 18:24

The high stakes qualifiers of THMNC rages onto it's 6th offline tournament which transpired at FTZ Subang Jaya accommodated with 29 Teams prepared and ready to fight it out for the prize pool of RM10,000 inclusive with a placing at the Grand Final tournament of THMNC.

Notable teams such as TEAM AFKK, GuC ( Guilty Crown ) & HakE quickly took the spotlight with their high intensive strategic gameplays which could only be executed with utmost practice and teamwork; but unfortunately for the remainders TEAM NK ( No Kamlin ) emerged as well-earned victors of their hardwork when they took the title of Champion.

GUC vs NK ( Game 1 )

Heroes banned : Bubbles, Pebbles, Tundra, Magmus, Wretched Hag, Pollywog Priest, Behemoth, Silhouette

NK took another swift turn in tactics when they placed Nomad into play as a prior distraction for their predator to bump up in gear within the mist of chance. The game ended with a kill count of 23 – 14, Andromeda ( [NK]EvanSkk ) displayed a very well played style of supports as not only was he the eyes of their Team but the opportunist.

The game went into a slow start with NK on the Hellbourne side & GuC taking off with the legion, bottom lane was being dominated by NK's Predator & Andromeda against a solo Armadon, top lane had a 3 to 2 face off where GuC placed Draconis, Fayde & Aluna up there to maintain pressure on Nomad & Glacius while Witch Slayer for the GuC side faces a 1v1 head off against Torturer on the NK part.

The start pace was slightly favored towards GuC's side when Aluna picked off Nomad with the power throw for the first blood. NK quickly shrugged it off with a revenge kill scored by Torturer picking off Armadon with the help of Glacius as he tried to scout for the Bottom side rune; The game went on with a very even state with GuC leading on the kill count and NK was trying to catch up. The game ended quickly at onwards from the 26th minute mark where Witch Slayer & Draconis was caught offguard by NK without any gold to buyback where it cost GuC their middle barracks and things slowly deteriorate from there on into the First victory by NK to a best of 3.

GuC vs NK ( Game 2 )

Heroes Banned : Tundra, Predator, Pollywog Priest, Armadon, Silhouette, Pebbles, Wretched Hag, Moon Queen

The air intensifies around Guild Crown ( GuC ) for they know the following match would be the most important, it decides whether they could press on their offensive into a 3rd round for a shot at the champion tittle.

In the events, NK outplayed GuC by a swift domination tactic as NK took GuC by a kill count of 19- 9 heavily securing their income flow towards their carries & supports, the mobility of their supports, Aluna & Magmus allowed them with swift gank plays keeping their opponents constantly on their feet.
On the face off side, NK Moraxus on GUC side was facing off against Magmus & Torturer from NK, top was Magebane & Aluna facing off against 3 of GUC members, Forsaken Archer, Glacius & Behemoth while Rampage & bubbles play at the bottom side.

GuC took the firstblood off Aluna again on the 2nd game putting them in the lead at the start especially when Forsaken Archer scored the kill. The game slowly went into an intensified farming phase with a couple of team fights going to the favor of NK, but the game distinctly ended with a call for surrender by GuC at the 37th minute mark when their attempt to sneak in a kongor at 35 minute mark turned out quite differently with the quick scout by the Aluna's powerthrow onto the kongor side. With the available vision and kongor having almost no health left, NK decided to just throw it all in which scored them the 2nd victory.

As the grand championship tittle shot closes in, various teams have been carving their way through the qualifiers, perseverance & consistency is the best tool of defense currently a team could posses at the current moment if the ultimate plan is to win the Grand Prize of THMNC of RM300,000.

For those whom have not yet put their metal to the mettle, why wait for another chance whereas THMNC is undoubtedly the biggest HoN Tournament in Malaysia as being witness to it; Recognition & fame awaits you.

Massive thanks to our Selangor venue sponsor: FTZ Asia.net

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