[TMHNC]: Brackets and Schedule for Selangor Offline Qualifier 2

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Published on Friday, 14 September 2012 13:59
Greetings Heroes of Newerth!!

The registration for the Selangor Offline Qualifier 2 of The Malaysia HoN National Championship 2012 is now closed. Champion of this qualifier will have a chance to win the grand prize of RM 300,000 during TMHNC grand finals. 

Kindly be reminded that all participants are to arrive punctually at 8:45AM (15th September 2012) to complete the team attendance. All players are also reminded to bring along their Identification Card as we will have to do a identity verification check on that day. We will be running the games LIVE on http://tmhnc2012.garena.com/index.php/tv-channel

Participants will be bounded by these Tournament Rules and are subjected to discipline for violations of any of the stated rules and regulations. So participating teams, gear up and get ready as you will be battling it out for guts, glory and the winning team takes the RM10,000 and also be placed in the TMHNC2012 Grand Finals!!

CLICK here to view the BRACKETS

Matches are played according to the tournament schedule provided by the TMHNC officials. Kindly refer the tournament schedule below for the tournament time and information.
*The actual competition start times are subject to change.* 

No Competition Time    Team vs Team Channel
1 10:00 AM DKoP vs [G0E]  TMHNC 1
2 10:00 AM Mcs vs SNIB  TMHNC 2
3 10:00 AM BoD vs FTD TMHNC 3
4 10:00 AM DoMI vs E TMHNC 4
5 10:00 AM NK vs NvW TMHNC 5
6 10:00 AM FZD vs VtS TMHNC 6
7 11:00 AM MROR vs OGSY TMHNC 1
8 11:00 AM mFx vs MlM  TMHNC 2
9 11:00 AM Inv vs cToe TMHNC 3
10 11:00 AM GuC vs NtSd  TMHNC 4
11 11:00 AM XII vs AiTK TMHNC 5
12 11:00 AM HakE vs AFRO  TMHNC 6
13 12:00PM TtGM vs TMXS                  TMHNC 1    
1 12:30PM AFKK vs [G0E] TMHNC 2
2 12:30PM Mcs vs FTD TMHNC 3
3 12:30PM vs NK TMHNC 4
4 12:30PM VtS vs OGSY  TMHNC 5
5 1:00PM GIFT vs DO8 TMHNC 1
6 1:00PM  vs GuC TMHNC 2
7 1:00PM HyD vs AiTK  TMHNC 3
8 1:00PM DO12 vs DO13 TMHNC 4

The event will be happening at FTZ Asia.net
Address: SS 15/8,
Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor,

See you guys there!!!