[TMHNC]: Champion of PERAK Offline Qualifier: FantastlcBaby

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Published on Wednesday, 11 July 2012 10:45


On the 7th July 2012, Perak, Malaysia -The Malaysia HoN National Championship created an ultimate skirmish zone for HoN players to gauge. TMHNC Perak Offline Qualifier was the 4th round of offline competitive battle which kicked off at A-Station, Kampar. Team FantastlcBaby (Fnts) squared off against team IdleWorship (Idle) in a best of three in Perak Offline Qualifier Finals. FantastlcBaby emerges victorious claiming the champions title with a 2-1 win over Idle.


From Second Left: MY`VarnJack, Capt`Sok, Kecik`Imba, LunLoon`n_n`, and MrTaxl

Fnts has been participating in TMHNC since Kuala Lumpur Offline Qualfier until this particular qualifier that was seen today. Their enthusiasm, passion and patience toward Garena HoN and TMHNC has brought them the victory of today. It was an epic comeback for Fnts. 

Idle is a newly formed team in Garena HoN. As reported by Idle, they formed the team not long ago and without proper training. Yet, in today's qualifier, they have proven themselves worthy in the Finals. In a best of three format, Idle has managed to score a point, that lead to the build up of intensity in the environment to the participants and the viewers of the live stream. We would like to encourage more newly formed teams to join TMHNC to experience the competitive scene. 

Once again, we would like to thank all participants for attending today's qualifier. Without you all, the tournament would not have been successful. We would also like to once again congratulate FantastlcBaby for walking away with the title of TMHNC Perak Offline Qualifiers!

TMHNC-Perak-Offline-1stRunnerUp     TMHNC-Perak-Offline-2ndRunnerUp
     1st runner up: Team Idle                                                                        2nd runner up: Team A Station

TMHNC-Perak-Offline-TQ2ASccMassive thanks to our Perak venue sponsor: A Station Cyber Cafe Kampar

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