Garena Carnival 2011 Tournament Bracket

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Published on Friday, 03 June 2011 17:08

We have a total of 26 successful registrations for Garena Carnival 2011. The bracket is now up. Please check it below (Click to enlarge):

Tournament Bracket

* Please note that there is a team called "QQ" and another one named "Team QQ"


1st Round: 3 June - 6 June
2nd Round: 7 June - 11 June
3rd Round: 12 June - 15 June
Semi Final and Final: To be played in Garena Carnival 2011


Team leaders please contact your opponent and finish the game within the timeline given. Winners please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following format:
Match : Team A vs Team B
Winner: Team A
Date Played: Date
Match ID: xxxxx , xxxxx, xxxxx 
In case stats are not properly recorded, please screenshot the game summary and send to admin.

Team Contact List:
A team contact list is available here. You can either email your opponent or add your opponent in game to schedule your matches.


Tournament is Single Elimination format. All games are Best of Three.


Games will be played in BP mode with Tournament rules on and using the current version of Heroes of Newerth.

Team captains will /roll 10. Captain with the higher number will choose between deciding between First Ban / First Pick or Hellbourne /Legion

In the event of a accidental hero pick, teams should remake AP and repick the heroes that were chosen correctly along with the one that was intended to be picked.


The game is complete when either team’s main structure is destroyed or when either team concedes the match.

Games should be paused in the event of a disconnect in order to allow the player to reconnect.

In the event of a game crash, teams should reconnect if possible and continue the match. If an issue occurs and players are unable to reconnect, the match will be restarted if it is before the concede mark.

Mods are allowed but obviously any hacks/cheats/outside programs are banned from use. Also, any outside voice program is permitted for use, as well as the provided internal voice chat. Ingame Team chat is permitted among your team as well. Keep All chat to a minimum if possible but there are no specific guidelines on this. Spam is obviously frowned upon.

Backdooring outer towers is allowed. (Outer towers are OUTSIDE of the base)

Entering the oppositions base without a creep wave is NOT allowed (You must enter opponents base with creep support)

Blocking creeps in the base with Behemoth's Fissure is not allowed

Item drop is not enabled

No glitching out of the map

No ledge glitching Kongor (like abusing slither wards to kill Kongor or pulling him to tower)

Abuse of any bug, or glitch is considered illegal.

No pooling items (Including bottle) : You are allowed to share bottle in lane, you cannot give it to another hero with the intention for use for a long period of time.

Any complaints regarding in game issues are to be brought up right after any issue has occurred, if the issue is brought up only after the match is over, the complaint will not be considered.


Team captains are allowed to dispute games after they have been reported. They must provide the time that the infraction occurs as well. Any and all action as a result of a dispute is entirely up to Smackdown Tourney Admins.

Behavior, Infractions and Issues:

English should always be used when you are around players that do not speak the same language as you.

Good manners and sportsmanship are expected from mature competitive players.

Keep the trash talk within normal reason. Stay away from racism and any other offensive material.

Punishments for infractions of any rule begin with warnings and increase in severity to include: player bans, team bans and forfeits.


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