Dreamhack Winter 2012: Day 1 Update

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Published on Friday, 23 November 2012 17:21

Dreamhack Winter 2012 

After months of difficult preparations and going through various qualifiers, SEA teams Orange eSports are finally ready for world domination! The best teams in the world are gathered in Sweden to contest for the title of top team in the HoN scene.

15 nations, 10 teams, 5 continents, 2 groups, 1 World Championship and USD$60,000 in the prize pool!  Let's take a look at how our SEA champions are doing.

Orange eSports going for the throne?

Last season, everybody saw Orange eSports as the clear underdogs. This season,  their performance is just intimidating. They had a successful run yesterday during Day 1 yesterday, pocketing 4 wins against Cats Gaming from Russia and PaiN Gaming from Brazil. This brilliant display of top notch skills and teamwork placed them in the Top 2 together with Trademark eSports from Europe. 

The Malaysians are on top form with [ORGE]dabeliuteef topping the GPM charts at 620 with [TteS]sLiCkz coming in second with a GPM of 560. Pro Support [ORGE]XXF_ played a crucial role with 11 average assists per game ensuring that the team had all the help they needed to stay on top of the game. Surprisingly though, Nova was not in the Top Assists charts.

Viewers on our GarenaHoNSEA Twitch TV went nuts over each win and stauch supporters are convinced that the team is invincible.

ORGE now needs to win at least one game against CompLexity Gaming and Gary Johnson 2012 in order to proceed to the playoffs. Will they match up to the expectation?

Wildcard MRR

Team MRR is in a little bit of a tight spot with 1 win and 3 losses. 

However, they managed to secure an important win against formidable foes Q sQuad, an up and coming team led by Nova - a long time support player from fnatic.Raidcall which was said to be the best team in HoN history. MRR's Moon Queen cleaned up their opponent in just under 20 minutes - an impressive feat which ended in QsQ losing Game 2 and a headset broken in rage.

New in the international competitive scene and still a bag of mystery, there is still an opportunity for a surprise turn around.


Schedule: http://hon.garena.com/news/all/684-watch-dreamhack-winter-2012-on-live-stream