Malaysia MidWars Masters Challenge I

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Published on Thursday, 04 April 2013 16:50

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Think you are good at Midwars? Put that talk to the walk at the Malaysia Midwars Masters Challenge I ( MMMC I) where participants face off against each other in a brutal fast paced match of MidWars and only 1 team will walk away as the champion.

MMMC I is designed as a self-sufficient tournament where teams will schedule their matches against their designated opponents on the given time amount and produce the result of their match to the tournament officials where it would be verified and a new bracket will be released everyday to keep players informed of their next match up.

Don't hesitate at opportunities! Grab your friends or register them into the competition with or without their consent and start playing!


Champion : 8,000 Silver Coins (1,600 silver coins per person) + 14 days legacy
1st Runner Up : 4,000 Silver Coins (800 silver coins per 
2nd Runner Up : 3,000 Silver 
Coins (600 silver coins per person)
4-8 : 1,000 Silver Coins (200 
silver coins per person)

[Tournament Information]

· Tournament Date: 15 -21 April 2013
· Registration closed: 11 April 2013 Time : 1159
· Numbers of teams: Maximum 32 teams
· Brackets released on 12 April
· Online Tournament.

[Game Format]
· Single Elimination
· Finals BO3

[Game Settings]

· Game Mode: Blind Ban
· Player Format: 5 vs 5
· Map: Midwars
· Server: Only on MY servers

For further information, please visit the FORUM.