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Published on Friday, 07 June 2013 12:02

The Singapore GM Team invites you to join in the celebration for Garena Heroes of Newerth 2nd Year Anniversary!
This year for our HoN Anniversary celebration, we are bringing the activities online and opening up 32 slots to include ALL OF YOU! 
16 slots will be reserved for Singapore teams.


Event Date:
21st June 2013, Friday, 6PM – 11.30PM (GMT+8)

Number of Teams:
Max 32 Teams
16 Slots reserved for Singapore Teams

Game Mode: 

Mid Wars, 5V5, All Random, No Hero Repick, No Hero Swap, Drop Items

  • Each player is only allowed to buy 1 Major Totem ONCE at the start of the game. You are not allowed to buy any other items/consumables from the Store.
  • The first team which collects 10 totems wins the game.
  • A time limit of 15 minutes is imposed, at the end of 15 minutes, the team with the most number of totems wins.
  • You are not allowed to hide or store totems in base or anywhere around the map. Totems have to be picked up and carried at all times. They cannot be destroyed.
  • Teams who break any of the above-mentioned rules will be disqualified.

25,000 Gold Coins + 5 Avatars

15,000 Gold Coins + 5 Avatars

7,500 Gold Coins + 5 Avatars

For those who tune in to watch the live stream, we will be having Ultimate giveaways!
We're not going to reveal the giveaway prizes, but you definitely do not want to miss it.

10th JUNE – 17th JUNE 2013

Why can't I register before 10th June 2013?

Event information is released slightly earlier to give you time to form up a team! 
Follow our Facebook or check this thread to receive live updates when registration opens!

Want to Join In But Don't Have a Team?

Connect to Channel TUTW in game to join up with other individual players. 
You will be responsible for forming your own team.
Type /JOIN TUTW or 

*Registered players who fail to show up on the event day will serve a 14-day suspension period*
*Schedule + Brackets will be posted in this thread within 3 days after registration ends*