Garena Announces HoN Tour South East Asia 2013

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Published on Tuesday, 02 July 2013 19:45
Garena Announces
HoN Tour South East Asia 2013
Heroes of Newerth's most historical tournament launches
in Soutth East Asia with a $100,000 prize pool

(South East Asia, Singapore) - July 1, 2013 – Following the success of the Garena Star League in Thailand, Garena has announced the launch of HoN Tour South East Asia, a 6 months core intensive eSports tournament for the popular game Heroes of Newerth with a prize pool of more than $100,000 SGD.

HoN Tour South East Asia will be open to all players and will be featuring four cycles that will run from July 2013 to January 2014. The tournament will start off with a Qualifier to first seed players into one of three Divisions depending on their skill level: G-League, Division 1 and Division 2. Each team will then have to work their way up the tier for the different rankings and prize pool range respectively with G-League having the highest. Each Division will have an individual prize pool that will encourage more chances of winning cash for each team in all three Divisions.

HoN Tour South East Asia will be the first global step to officially introduce the HoN eSports scene in South East Asia competitively together with all the other regions – North American and Europe, Latin America and Commonwealth of Independent States. Teams from these regions will have to compete in their own regional divisions and host their respective National Finals. Winners of the National Finals will go on to fight for ultimate victory at the International Finals of which is to be confirmed.

Full coverage of HoN Tour South East Asia will be posted on all official Garena HoN websites and platforms. Be updated with the latest news, watch LIVE broadcasts, featured game schedules and more on when HoN Tour South East Asia commences.

Registration for HoN Tour South East Asia and more information will be announced on official Garena channels soon.