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Published on Sunday, 04 August 2013 17:13

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MSHC2013 - The Call of Rally

Congratulations to all 8 teams that participated in the first MSHC 2013 (Malaysia Singapore HoN Championship) which took place on August 4th.  After series of match the final showdown was between team bRix (sh*t bricks) and GuC (Guilty Crown). The match ended with bRix securing the title with a score line of 2-1. bRix made a comeback with winning the second and third game after losing the first match to GuC. Round of applause to the finalist for the splendid game displayed.

The results are as follows:

Champion               : 
bRix (sh*t bricks)

First Runner Up        : GuC (Guilty Crown)
Second Runner Up  : aMQ (Team Anti Moon Queen)